Why You’ll Leave Your Items at Locker Room Before Quest Game

It won’t matter whether you are from Calgary or Edmonton. Your entire team will leave all of your stuff inside the locker room. Escape Hour has many reasons for letting you do that. The first is for your safety. It is possible you will drop your smartphone in the middle of the quest game because of all the excitement that is going on. You can’t blame yourself if you won’t notice though. In fact, you may only notice it a few hours after you have left the quest room. That is such a hassle because you would need to go back there just to get it.

After that, Escape Hour will need to scan through their CCTV cameras where exactly you dropped your phone. If there is a team playing at the escape room where you dropped your phone, then you will probably have to wait for them to finish. Besides, they paid just as much as you did so there is no reason to make them leave the exit game just so that someone could search for a missing item. The bad news is that you won’t even be sure that it is still there. Someone may have taken it so it would be better to prevent any of that from happening and just leave all your stuff inside the locker room.

Another reason Escape Hour requires depositing all items inside the locker room is so that the game won’t be interrupted. It is possible someone will call in the middle of the game and you will be given the choice of whether you will answer the call or not. When someone calls your phone and everyone hears it, everyone will just look at you and just force you to answer it so there is no need to think twice there. It is a good thing there is no need to worry about the safety of your items in the locker room since there will always be someone who is guarding them. Since the locker room is beside reception, the receptionist will always have her or his eyes on the locker.

Also, you know all those things are locked and the receptionist has all the keys to the padlock and will only give it to you when the quest game is over. Hence, you can now focus on the task at hand which is completing the quest game which is easier said than done on the https://escapehour.ca/calgary.