Most successful college-started businesses

Do you want to establish your business but lack initiative as a young person? Get motivated learning on these college-initiated businesses.

Establishing a business is a dream of many of us, especially those graduating in Business Studies, as they understand the fact that the money they can make in running a business is far more than doing regular jobs. It has another advantage of being your boss and enjoying the authority as an owner and the ultimate decision-maker. But starting a business needs the traits of taking risks, confidence, and commitment. If you think that you have a perfect business idea but you are a little demotivated considering the risk factors, or you think you need to finish your college first before embarking upon a business journey, then you need to change your mind, because many amazing international level businesses were started by college students.

Here are some of them for you.


Launched in 2004, the statistics show that Facebook has 2.50 billion monthly active users in 2019. The popularity of this website has reached the extent that even people living in remote areas and villages know that such a thing exists. This was not constituted by an elderly expert person but a young Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. To concentrate on the website, Mark left the college in the second year. If you want to watch a whole movie on the creation of Facebook, a 2010 launched movie The Social Network describes the whole story.


Google, the most renowned search engine, was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were doing their Ph.D. from Stanford University. The company was initially known as BackRub and was merely a research project for these two students. Who knew that this is going to be a world-known word and most visited site around the world.


This is a famous personal computer manufacturing company that was initiated by an American student Michael Dell who studied at the University of Texas in Austin. In 1984, The Company was first called PC’s Limited. The business premises were not other than a dorm where this student used to live and study. Then eventually the company started providing upgraded PCs and now known and supplied around the world.


Reddit was founded by two students studying at the University of Virginia in 2005. These two students, Steve Huffman and Aaron Swartz were roommates. This is an American discussion site or a platform where social news is aggregated, and web content is rated. The subscribers can place the clipping for which they want the opinion, and they get voted or opinion on that. A student may also take help on certain questions and subjects, and many experts and fellow students can comment and help.  You can also discuss essay writing companies, and people who have already availed those services may comment. Such kinds of reviews can also be found on papernow review or reliable or expertwriting reviews, as this helps you make a wise decision before you assign it to someone. The more informed decision you will make, the better are the chances that you get unplagiarized original pieces of work.

Snap Chat

Again three students of Stanford University created this application which is called Snapchat now, but initially, it was known as “Picaboo”. The unique strength of these three individuals combined to form this image messaging and a multimedia application.  It is said that one student Reggie Brown had this idea for a disappearing pictures application and he discussed it with a business experienced fellow. Both of them then partnered with a coding expert Bobby Murphy and then launched the application which today has 218 million daily active users as per the figures of 2019.