Lee Anderson brands boring Keir Starmer ‘the Ken Barlow of politics’

The outspoken Conservative branded Sir Keir “boring”, like the fictional Coronation Street character.

But Mr Anderson praised the Labour leader for displaying good manners towards Tory rivals – unlike Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, who he said snubs Conservative MPs in Parliament.

He said: “To be fair to Keir Starmer, even though he is boring, he is the Ken Barlow of politics, he’s this miserable so and so, but at least he’s got a little bit about him, that little bit of political intelligence.

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“On the escalator at work he always says, ‘hello Lee, how are you?’ as we go by, but people like Angela and her side of the party, when they walk by in Parliament, they just turn their head that way and now they won’t talk to me now.”

Mr Anderson said it was obvious to onlookers that Sir Keir and Ms Rayner do not get on.

In a discussion on GB News he said: “You can see when you sit down on the green benches there is this, there’s an atmosphere between them.

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“They don’t give each other eye contact, it’s quite obvious they don’t like each other.”

He said some Labour politicians had never forgiven him for defecting to the Tories in 2018 after years as a Labour activist. Mr Anderson said: “They all think I’m a turncoat but at least Sir Keir, he’s got that humility, a bit of dignity about him.”

Other Labour politicians simply branded their opponents racist, he said.

“That’s all they’ve got to offer. They’ve got no answers to the economy. No answers to the migration problem. No one says anything. Everyone’s a racist.”

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