Alexander Chikovani. The story of the businessman’s struggle for work and life

Alexander Chikovani began his business career in the early 2010s. Having managed to develop a small construction company into a relatively large business with approximately 300 employees. In 2012, the company received the first large order from the MIC Company.
After having proved itself well, the number of orders from the MIC has increased. By 2014, Chikovani’s business had grown significantly. The number of workers increased, its own construction equipment was bought, cabins – everything what a good big construction company needs.
But along with growth came problems.

“Why should we pay if we can avoid that?” – the management of the MIC thought and, with various reasons, froze the payments for the work performed. By the summer of 2015, the debt reached an amount of 300 million rubles.
Stopping the business for Chikovani was too expensive. Trusting the promises of the MIC, the businessman continues to fulfill the obligations of contacts.

By April 2016, the debt reaches 453 million rubles. Chikovani goes to court. So begins his unequal struggle with Andrey Ryabinskiy, Alexander Kopylkov and Maxim Kopylkov – the founders of the MIC.
In order to find a reasons of avoiding payments for Alexander’s company, the MIC orders an examination of construction quality from a private audit company.

According to this examination, the houses are the subject to demolition and considered to be unsuitable for use. At the same time, the MIC continues to sell apartments in these houses. Interest holders start a riot. MIC managers reassure them with statements: this is not a real examination, this is to deal with the contractor.
All these arguments and new independent state examinations do not help Chikovani. The houses of the MIC are successfully commissioned, having sold the apartments.

They continue to fight with the businessman. Losing the courts one by one, now not Chikovani should be paid 450 million rubles but he owes MIC about 300 million rubles.

Absolutely absurd situation, however, russian justice is famous for its “justice”.
From the side of Ministry of Internal Affairs, the interests of the MIC are served by investigators from the Magnitsky list. So, the dirty work for Andrey Ryabinskiy and the Kopylkov brothers is performed by Dmitry Tolchinsky (an employee of the 6th department of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate).

There is no answer to the logical question of Chikovani`s attorneys why the case from the jurisdiction of law enforcement bodies of the Moscow region is investigated by investigators from one of the territorial departments of Moscow in the court, just as he is not in the service of his own security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where this request was also asked.
Since 2015, the fight against Chikovani has been going on not only in court. Bullying in the media was organized against him. Garbage sites publish MICs custom articles about the “bad contractor”. In order to increase pressure, in 2017-2018, the MIC no longer stops at nothing. So, the judges of the arbitration court begin to refer to legislation that has already expired. That is, they choose the old laws that are beneficial to Ryabinskiy and Kopylkov.

Chikovani continues to fight, appeals to Finmonitoring, the business ombudsman, the leadership of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate and their own security service, the press.

More than ten complaints to Bastrykin, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, four complaints to Strasbourg Human Rights Court, repeated complaints to StroyNadzor, Federation Council, Prosecutor General’s Office.
There is some progress. Recent court hearings, where Chikovani’s case is being investigated, and the MIC is attracting more and more media attention. Large Telegram channels begin to ask questions.

Currently, several checks are being carried out concerning the MIC group of companies related to the withdrawal of funds abroad, tax evasion, including fraud against Chikovani. His struggle continues.

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