Another 26 casualties found from Greek wildfire: Greek Red Cross

MATI (Reuters) – Greece’s Red Cross organization said on Tuesday the bodies of around 26 victims of a devastating forest fire east of Athens had been discovered, substantially raising a death toll from an inferno which ravaged the area on Monday evening.

A man looks at the flames as a wildfire burns in the town of Rafina, near Athens, Greece, July 23, 2018. REUTERS/Costas Baltas

“Unfortunately we found 26 charred bodies, between two homes,” Nikos Economopoulos, president of the Greek Red Cross, told Greek state tv.

A Reuters witness earlier said he had seen bodies in the area, and had heard reports of several more casualties – meters away from a beach where hundreds had fled to save themselves. The official count from the blaze in the community of Mati, before the morning discovery, was 24.

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