‘White people should not feel guilty for being white’ Tory MP rages at ‘discrimination’

James Sunderland discusses white privilege

Tory MP James Sunderland praised Minister for Women and Equalities Liz Truss for her work against politically correct culture. While speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Sunderland asked for assurances that the Government would not bow to those arguing that “white people should feel guilty for being white.” Ms Truss robustly highlighted the ample opportunities for anyone in Britain regardless of their race, religion, sexuality or anything else. 

She added that the Government was determined to focus on positively empowering its citizens rather than enabling “positive discrimination.”

Ms Truss began by answering the question posed to her in the House of Commons.

The question being: “What is being done to ensure that policies take a broad approach to equality beyond a focus on protected characteristics?”

Ms Truss answered: “I want to make sure the equality agenda moves beyond just protected characteristics.

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“Instead we will make sure that we are focussed on every individual in Britain having a fair chance in life and fair access to public services.”

Mr Sunderland then stood up to ask for more assurances on the Government’s intentions.

He said: “Mr Speaker I really welcome the Government’s agenda on women and equalities.

“I commend my right honourable friend for her outstanding leadership.

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“Could I also ask her to reassure me that we will never bow to those that suggest that white people should feel guilty for being white or those that pedal the notion of white privilege.

“We are in this together, so will she please undertake today to write to other Government departments to reinforce this.”

Ms Truss replied: “Britain is one of the best places to live.

“This is true no matter your skin colour, sexuality, religion or anything else.

“We have to be positively empowering people to succeed so everyone has access to opportunity

We should be using positive discrimination.

“That is the approach being taken right across Government.

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