‘We don’t really have a president’: Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George is at it again

WASHINGTON – George Conway, husband to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, once again took to Twitter to tear into his wife’s boss for what he called President Donald Trump’s “botched” handling of his Homeland Security secretary’s resignation. 

“I guess there weren’t enough lies on the plaque,” Conway tweeted to the breaking news that Kirstjen Nielsen was stepping down. He was apparently referring to a plaque celebrating “the first section of President Trump’s border wall” that awaited Trump and Nielsen during their visit to the border in Calexico, California (critics noted that the 2.25-mile section had been planned for years before Trump took office). 

Citing a New York Time report that Trump blamed Nielsen for the rising number of migrants crossing the border, Conway tweeted, “She must have tried to tell him, like, facts and stuff. He doesn’t like that.” 

The conservative attorney particularly took issue with Trump’s appointment of Customs and Border Protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan as acting DHS secretary. 

“Maybe you take a look at the United States code,” Conway wrote in reply to Trump’s tweet announcing McAleenan’s appointment. He said that “under the rather explicit terms of 6 U.S.C. §113(g)” the acting DHS secretary should be the department’s under secretary for management, Claire Grady. 

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maybe you should take a look at the United States code https://t.co/nULkSP4Dgj

Conway retweeted a number of legal scholars who shared his interpretation of the statute. 

Citing news articles that said Trump had pressured Nielsen to violate immigration law, Conway said, “Good lawyers tell their clients not to do things that are illegal (or in this case, potentially impeachable). Bad clients (especially very dumb ones) get really mad at those lawyers.” 

“Anyone see a pattern here?” he asked in another tweet in that thread.

After Nielsen tweeted that she would remain in her role until Wednesday, Conway noted that her resignation letter had said it was effective April 7. 

“They must have realized late last night how Trump incompetently botched the naming of her successor without having someone check the statute. But was the resignation letter accepted?” Conway tweeted. 

“We don’t really have a president,” Conway tweeted. 

“In all seriousness, we have no competent, functioning president.” 

Conway has long been a critic of Trump and his administration, which led Trump to call him a “whack job” and a “husband from hell.” 

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we don’t really have a president https://t.co/BcVOTDc12i

In all seriousness, we have no competent, functioning president. https://t.co/UzpkRxF5nO

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