Verhofstadt admits EU mistake in initiating Article 16 – makes plea for strong partnership

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Today Mr Verhofstadt tweeted: “Vaccine nationalism, wherever it comes from, is a dead end. Article 16 mistake shows the importance of constant dialogue and strong UK, EU partnership. One Remainer who is a follower of Mr Verhofstadt replied to the comment: “I hope we Rejoin soon so that we can become part of the team to refine and improve the EU, a good Union in concept but by no means perfect.

But other followers were less complimentary about the EU, one replied to Mr Verhodstadt and said: “Guy, time to stop EU federalism before more countries leave.

“Time to rein in an unelected and undemocratic EU and to restructure.

“Time to stop EU Army, we all know it’s for internal repression and support NATO; to curb German-Franco influence.

“If you do this the EU might survive the next 10 years.”

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The EU politician’s comments come after the bloc backtracked on its decision to block exports of coronavirus vaccines to Nothern Ireland.

The bloc’s rationale in considering this was because they presumed Northern Ireland was being used as a backdoor for distributing more vaccines into Britain.

The backlash was swift against the EU’s decision as a block on exports would create a hard border for goods on the island of Ireland.

Today News at Ten presenter Tom Bradby tweeted: “The EU’s decision on the Irish border tonight is right up there with the most bizarre I have ever seen in politics.

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“For years, they have told us there must never, ever, be a border on the island of Ireland.

“And they just imposed one, without consultation.”

The EU is suffering internal conflict over the slow roll-out of vaccines throughout all 27 member states.

The EU has tried to spread the distribution equally among its members in order to avoid the vaccine nationalism that Mr Verhodstadt is referring to.

However, the EU is also concerned about its reputation, as the slow roll-out compared to the UK’s distribution could be interpreted as a lack of efficiency at the heart of the organisation.

Arguments about the bloc’s inefficiency were at the heart of the Brexit debate.

Brexiteers have championed the UK’s speed in distributing coronavirus vaccines was only achievable because Britain left the union.

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