Union Jack: Cardiff row sees Welsh independence activist shamed by Tory MP ‘A disgrace!’

Union Flag: Andrew Rosinsell slams Yes Cymru’s Elin Hywel

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Conservative MP Andrew Rosinsell has clashed with Yes Cymru’s Elin Hywel over plans to emblazon a UK Government building in Cardiff with the British flag. The Welsh independence activist attacked the idea on BBC Politics live as a “suppression” of Welsh identity, however, this claim was rubbished by Mr Rosinell. He branded opposition the Union Flag being flown in Wales as “frankly a disgrace!”

Yes Cymru’s Elin Hywel said: “The whole conversation started around this flag being placed on the building in Cardiff came about with recognizing the news story had having a conversation about what does this mean to us.

“What does this mean to our identity.

“To be flooded with these Union Jacks and it is quite counter protective it works quite differently in Wales to what it might do in other parts of Britain.

“Because we have our own identity we understand ourselves as Welsh and having this Union Jack placed where it is is actually a suppression of that reality.”

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Mr Rosinsell fired back: “Please come on, Wales is such as much a part of Britain as any other part of the United Kingdom.

“That’s our flag it brings everyone together.

“It is a unifying symbol and to object to a Government building flying the Union Jack the flag of all British people.

“Frankly it is a disgrace.”

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“How can you possibly object to the flag of your country being flown from a government building.”

Referring to a BBC mock-up of the flag-covered building, he added “Frankly the only objection I have to the mock Jo which I have just seen is that it is only half a Union Jack.

“I would like it to be a complete Union Jack right across the building

“The more flags who fly to promote the patriotism of this country the better.”

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YesCymru, launched in 2016 to campaign for Welsh independence, has branded the proposal as an act of “political symbolism.”

A YesCymru spokesperson said: “We believe that as the capital city of Wales, visitors, commuters and residents should not be faced with a gigantic Union Jack flag on arrival at Cardiff Central railway station.

“This decision by Cardiff Council Planning Committee to grant permission to drape the HMRC building on Central Square is an act of political symbolism designed to promote ‘muscular unionism.’

“A reminder to the people of Wales of their subservient status in the United Kingdom.”

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