UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2030 despite EU’s U-turn

Grant Shapps will ignore an EU U-turn and push forward with banning new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030, saying: “We don’t have to do what Europe does.”

Brussels’ 2035 ban now exempts vehicles that run exclusively on synthetic electrofuels – e-fuels – after a last-minute campaign by Germany.

E-fuels are burnt in a combustion engine and release pollutants into the atmosphere.

But Energy Secretary Mr Shapps, who is announcing the next stages of the Government’s power revolution with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak today, said: “We have set out our path which is, by 2030, the end of the sale of pure petrol and diesel.

“There is then a five-year transition period which we’ve yet to describe in detail.

“We will always have a look at what is developing or happening elsewhere, but our policy does not change as a result.

“Our plan at the moment does not have an exemption for e-fuels but there is that five-year period to deal with as well.

“This is not a change of policy. We are not in Europe, we don’t have to do what Europe does on this stuff. We’ve always been more forward leaning on this stuff than the EU.”

But FairFuelUK founder, Howard Cox, said: “With other countries across Europe showing opposition to their own 2035 fossil-fuelled car bans, Mr Shapps should recognise that leading the way on this crass policy will simply be political and economic suicide.

“Along with their Net Zero pipe dream, it’s time they put common- sense before a costly bankrupting green idealism.”

Quentin Willson, of EV campaign group FairCharge, said the 2030 target was ambitious and achievable, but needed “far-sighted policies” to ensure all drivers could make the switch.

The Government will also set out plans for 2023-24 to rebalance gas and power costs in household bills, in a bid to make electricity bills cheaper, and speed up electrification.

There will also be a consultation on how onshore wind could help communities lower bills.

Mr Sunak and Mr Shapps will reveal the measures when they visit a fusion energy firm in Oxfordshire.

The Government is determined to deliver “a radical shift” in the nation’s energy system after the war in Ukraine made electricity prices soar. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, offering a £5,000 grant to heat pump buyers, will be extended to 2028.

Mr Shapps, who is in the early stages of getting his own heat pump, said he wanted to see them rolled out more quickly and pledged: “I’ll take personal lead in trying to understand the complexities of fitting this and making them work.”

Referring to the soaring costs, Mr Sunak said: “We have stepped in to shield people from its worst impacts by helping to pay around half the typical energy bill.

“But we are also stepping up to power Britain and ensure our energy security in the long term with more affordable, clean energy from Britain, so we can drive down energy prices and grow our economy.”

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