Turkish President Announces Boycott Of US Electronic Goods

Retaliating the United States’ sanctions on Turkey over its refusal to extradite a U.S. preacher imprisoned in the country, Turkish President Recep Erdogan threatened to boycott U.S. electronic goods, including Apple’s flagship iPhone device.

Speaking at a Symposium in capital Ankara Tuesday, the Turkish leader said, “If they have iPhone, the other side has Samsung.”

He also suggested the Turkish smartphone brand Vestel Venus as an alternative for Turks to buy, reportedly prompting shares in that company to rise almost 5 percent.

He also warned that those who are waging “economic warfare” against Turkey will pay a price.

“There is a price we’re paying for the period we’re in,” Erdogan said referring to the economic crisis deepened by the US sanctions.

“But there will be a price (which) those who’re waging an economic warfare against Turkey will also pay,” he said at the event organized by Turkish think tank Seta.

Erdogan claimed he had been taking necessary measures to arrest the recent slide in Turkish assets.

Even as Turkey’s leader refuses to back down in diplomatic row with America, Turkish stocks rebounded Tuesday and lira rose by 5 percent.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement Friday that he would increase tariffs on steel and aluminum originating from Turkey had an adverse effect on the Turkish market, with the lira and the stocks plunging sharply.

Turkey, which is America’s European ally, accused Washington of stabbing it in the back by imposing sanctions despite being NATO partners.

Meanwhile, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton met Turkey’s Ambassador to the U.S., Serdar Kilic, and insisted that it won’t end the diplomatic row between the two countries until U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson is released from house arrest.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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