Truss’ government slammed as a ‘farce’

Liz Truss shuts down calls for a general election

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The latest polling results from YouGov of voting intentions for a general election show that Labour have a 28-point lead with 51 percent while the Tories have 23 percent support. Other polls conducted by the research group shows that Keir Starmer is viewed more favourably than the Prime Minister for attributes of likeability, competency, decisiveness, strength, and trustworthiness.

Now, the Former editor of the Telegraph, Max Hastings has spoken to Andrew Marr on LBC Radio to express his bewilderment at the state of the Conservative Party.

The military historian blasted the party as having been taken over by the Right who are now “running Britain” which is “terrifying”.

The veteran journalist noted the importance of Britain’s image on the international stage which is somewhat being overlooked currently as Brits at home are in shock at the state of the Government.

Many Brits have taken to social media to call for a general election in order to see Liz Truss’ mandate after stating that this Government has not been elected by the British people.

Mr Hastings said: “If there is one thing worse for a country or for a politician than being hated, it’s seeming ridiculous.

“I don’t think, especially some Tories, seem to understand how Americans and how Europeans are viewing us.

“They don’t hate us they just look at us with complete disbelief – ‘What has this country done to itself for the last 15 years?’”

Host Andrew Marr asked Hastings if the time has simply come for the Conservative Party “to give way to the opposition” in order to reunite, reorder and reprioritise.

He said: “Do you think parties are in power for such a long period from time to time they’re simply exhausted, the talent has run out, the ideas have run out and it’s time for the Conservatives to give way to the opposition for a period?”

While Mr Hastings initially appeared to bat away the question, he noted that during a conversation with a Conservative from a “bygone era” the individual was in despair at the state of the party.

The person told him: “‘I just don’t recognise this as the Conservative party to which I devoted most of my life.”

The journalist slammed Nigel Farage for “poisoning” the Tory party, turning it into “something completely different”.

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He continued: “The Right is now running Britain and it’s a terrifying sight. I for one believe that for the sake of the Conservative party and for Britain, they’ve got to go!”

Mr Hastings called for Starmer to be “bolder” in a manner more like Tony Blair was but ultimately concluded that “anything has got to be better than this farce”.

Truss’s Government is “making Britain seem absurd in the eyes of the world and that’s a tragedy for those of us who care passionately about our country”.

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