Trump threatens EU with ‘tremendous retribution’ with higher tariffs on cars

Trump is thinking of higher automobile tariffs: Sarah Sanders

FOX Business’ Blake Burman asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about President Trump’s recent comments made on the possibility of higher automobile tariffs ahead of a meeting with EU officials next week.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders addressed concerns regarding President Donald Trump’s comments on tariffs.

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Trump held a cabinet meeting earlier Wednesday where he warned Europe of “tremendous retribution” if he doesn’t get a trade deal that the president considers fair with European Union leaders next week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

FOX Business’ Blake Burman asked Sanders about Trump’s comments during the press briefing.

Sanders said that the president is considering the option of a 20% tariff on automobiles, but that he is still working through offers for his talks scheduled for next week.

“The president is focused on long-term economic principles,” she said to a question asked by FOX Business’ Blake Burman during the press briefing. “[And he] hopes to open up a number of different markets and to create a more [level] playing trade field across the globe.”

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