Top two pro-Trump super PACs make final $20 million ad push

Gallup poll shows 92-point gap between Republicans and Democrats on Trump’s job approval

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, weighs in on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

EXCLUSIVE – The two leading super PACs that are supporting President Trump's re-election bid are teaming up to shell out $20 million to run ads on TV and digital in seven crucial general election battleground states in the closing stretch leading up to Election Day on Tuesday.

America First Action super PAC tells Fox News that they'll spend $9 million to run their spots on television and online in the battlegrounds of Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And Preserve America says their total purchase is $11 million to run TV commercials on broadcast and cable in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.


The additional spending by America First Action will bolster their existing final ad blitz.  Sharing their plans first with Fox News, the group said, "we’re adding weight with TV in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin" and it noted that they're going into Atlanta, Phoenix and Tucson TV markets with broadcast and cable purchases.

The spot running in Pennsylvania showcases a third-generation fracking industry employee who said in the ad: “Joe Biden says he wants to ban fracking. That would ruin us. Not just me and our company but this whole town.”

The president attacked the Democratic presidential nominee over his stance on fracking at the final presidential debate, where the former vice president once again clarified that he wants to end the environmentally controversial process of extracting oil and gas from underground rocks on federal land. But Trump and his campaign have repeatedly highlighted Biden's comments on fracking and on phasing out the fossil fuel industry over the coming decades in order to combat climate change.

America First Action said the commercial would be running in almost every market in Pennsylvania during the days leading up to the election. The group has identified 821,937 voters in the Keystone State "as persuadable voting targets who oppose a ban on fracking and/or trust President Trump on fracking and energy issues," it said.

About of fifth of the people the group has identified didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election, it said.

Preserve America's message is strictly on the economy, jobs, and taxes.

"For 47 years, Joe Biden's been raising our taxes. Now he's proposing the largest tax hike in American history," the moderator in one of the group's final ads charges.  "Joe Biden's tax increase would destroy jobs."

Biden has repeatedly said he'll roll back the tax cuts signed into law by Trump for wealthy Americans and corporations but he vowed that nobody making less than $400,000 per year will have their federal taxes raised.

Preserve America, which was formed at the end of August, quickly became one of the top-spending outside groups in the final two months of the White House race. It’s tried to balance a playing field in which the president's campaign has been vastly outspent by Biden’s team in the TV ad wars since the start of August.

The group, which has been heavily funded by casino magnate and GOP super donor Sheldon Adelson, says it's dished out almost $110 million to run ads.

America First Action says that including its final ad blitz, it's spent $134 million to run spots on Trump’s behalf since airing its first TV commercials in April.

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