Sunak tipped to succeed Truss as allies bombard 1922 chair

Liz Truss: Today's actions were 'last throw of the dice' says Rigby

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It has been reported that several Tory MPs have sent a “substantial” number of no-confidence letters to Sir Graham Brady calling for Liz Truss to resign. Sir Graham is chairman of the 1922 Committee, a group of backbench MPs that oversees the election of leaders within the Conservative Party.

According to the Sun, many of the MPs bombarding Sir Graham are supporting of the ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Mr Brady will on Monday receive the letters as it has been reported that he is currently on holiday in Greece.

One MP told The Times that members of the Conservative Party may begin to publicly demand the Prime Minister step down on the same date.

One rebellious MP told the Sun: “The point is to encourage him to send in the grey suits.”

Men in grey suits refer to powerful people within the Conservative Party, like Mr Brady, who can convince the leader of the party to quit.

One senior member of the Conservatives said: “Her entire political project, Trussonomics, is dead and buried. I don’t see how Liz survives.”

While another MP said: “The problem with Liz is when you take away her economic project, what is the point of her?”

It is believed that Conservative MPs may be backing former leadership candidates Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt may be the next leaders of the party.

One supporter of Mr Sunak said: “I think Rishi would do it — out of a sense of public duty.”

Some have suggested the pair team up in order to unite the Conservatives and avoid a leadership election.

A Conservative MP reported to the Sun that Ms Mordaunt is “on manoeuvres” and wants the leadership position.

However, the Prime Minister has written an article in the Sun on Sunday urging the country to have faith in her leadership.

She wrote: “Right now, people across the United Kingdom rightly want stability and opportunity.

“As Prime Minister, I will work flat out to provide both amid the huge challenges we face.”

But a senior official in the Government told the same newspaper that they believe the Prime Minister is facing her last days in office.

They said: “You get the feeling we are in the dying days, You can’t get a decision through, announcements are being delayed, there are little leaks everywhere. Liz has become very isolated.”

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Some people within the Conservatives believe the election rules could be changed by raising the number of supporters required for the first ballot from 20 to 100.

It would mean that only a candidate who is extremely popular and could unite that party would be able to be nominated as leader.

One MP has criticised the attempt at another leadership election, and called it “self-indulgence is madness”.

They told the Sun: “There is no way we can change leaders again and not have a general election.

“And a general election before 2024 will be exceptionally difficult. We can all read the polls.”

On Thursday, a YouGov poll showed that 23 percent of people would vote Conservative in the next general election, while 51 percent said they would vote Labour.

Another poll found that 59 percent of voters think the Prime Minister should resign, while just 19 percent believe she should stay in Number 10.

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