Sunak issued election warning as Tory MPs slam ‘unnecessary’ tax rises

Rishi Sunak shares first video from 10 Downing Street

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Tory MPs have criticised tax rises reportedly being planned by Rishi Sunak’s Government, with one MP warning that the public will have their say “at the ballot box” if they are unhappy. The Prime Minister is preparing years of tax rises for Britain, as part of an attempt to remedy a £50bn fiscal hole left by Liz Truss’s chaotic tenure in Downing Street, a Treasury insider has said. The Treasury warned that things are about to get “rough” in the UK economy.

But hitting out at the possibility of further tax rises, Conservative MP John Redwood told that there is “no need for long-term tax rises in the United Kingdom”.

He added: “There are obvious reductions in public spending that should be made, starting with cancelling the £11bn extra payment to the Bank of England to allow them to make losses on bonds they shouldn’t sell.

“And I would like to see borrowing brought down by a combination of faster growth and a curtailment of unnecessary spending.”

Meanwhile, Marco Longhi – part of the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs – suggested that “unfair” tax rises could lead to the Conservative Party taking a hit at an election.

While he said he was waiting to see the full tax proposals, speaking to he warned: “This country and the people of this country are very fair-minded people.

“When they see that they are being treated unfairly, then they will have a say about it and they’ll have a say about it through the democratic process at the ballot box.”

Referring to the controversy surrounding illegal migration to the UK, Mr Longhi continued: “More than anything, the thing that offends this sense of fairness is the fact that we may be paying higher taxes or perhaps cutting public services when we are forking out through hotels alone – perhaps £2.5 bn of taxpayers money for people who should not have come into this country the way they have.

“Illegal immigration is causing a huge problem in communities.

“So when we talk about tax rises – the people of this country will bear a lot on their shoulders.

“But when they think they’re being taken for a ride, when they think that fairness has been usurped, when they think that they’re being not treated as they should be – then that is when they expect people like me to say these things and say something about it.”

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has faced criticism this week as the UK asylum system struggles to cope with the number of people coming to the UK.

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Conditions at Manston, a processing centre for asylum seekers, have been described as “inhumane” by Tory MP Roger Gale, meanwhile, the Home Secretary herself admitted the system is “broken”.

Speaking about the prospect of tax rises, which are expected to be announced in the Autumn Statement, a treasury source told the Guardian: “It is going to be rough.

“The truth is that everybody will need to contribute more in tax if we are to maintain public services.

“After borrowing hundreds of billions of pounds through Covid-19 and implementing massive energy bill support, we won’t be able to fill the fiscal black hole through spending cuts alone.”

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is reportedly looking to implement an equal split of 50 percent tax rises and 50 percent spending cuts, which could translate into £25bn in hikes for taxpayers.

He is expected to deliver the autumn statement on 17 November.

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