‘Sturgeon couldn’t deliver letters to a post box!’ Britons laugh off Brexit payback threat

Frank Lutz says Sturgeon is a 'wonderful communicator'

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After winning a fourth Holyrood election in May, the First Minister warned Boris Johnson a second independence is “the will of the country”. EU diplomats are said to be licking their lips at the prospect of the SNP leader delivering a “national embarrassment” to the UK, but Express readers doubt that Ms Sturgeon can pull it off.

Dr Kirsty Hughes, director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations, said it would be a “huge shock to the rest of the UK” if Scotland left the Union.

She added: “With or without Wales and Northern Ireland, England is a big country and its soft power is still going to be there.

“It will need to rethink its own identity and what that means to projecting its soft power to the rest of the world.

“The remainder UK would be looked at very differently from the outside.

“Talking to diplomats and others in the EU, they say the break-up of the UK would be a national humiliation and some have told me it would be payback for Brexit.

“Others are horrified and baffled at what they see as the self-harm of Brexit and the prospect that this old state could break up would confirm their view that the UK is a state in turmoil.”

Express.co.uk readers have mocked the suggestion Ms Sturgeon could inflict “humiliation” onto Brexit Britain.

One user mocked the First Minister and said: “Sturgeon to deliver EU pay back…..lol the woman couldn’t deliver a letter to a post box without FN it up.”

Another added: “Has the money the SNP has salted away turned up yet?”

Other readers questioned why Scots elected the SNP for a fourth time.

One said: “Look at what you’ve voted for, Scotland, a woman prepared to destroy Scotland because she wants to destroy the UK, such is her hatred for England.”

Another said: “She has indeed made it clear she wants a second referendum.

“The PM of the UK has made it equally clear it is not going to happen.”

One more user pointed out “not all the people of Scotland want independence”, and added: “She warned Mr Johnson against ‘picking a fight with the democratic wishes of the Scottish people’.

“How about the SNP respecting the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.”

Support for Scottish independence has slipped in recent polling, following an increase ahead of the May 6 elections.

A Panelbase poll, for The Sunday Times, found just 48 percent of people – excluding the don’t knows – would support independence if a referendum were held tomorrow.

The poll of 1,287 adults aged 16 and over, released on June 27 also found just 19 percent of respondents believe an independence referendum should be held within the next 12 months.

Another 35 percent support a vote in the next two to five years.

Professor Sir John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said the results indicated “a cooling of the independence ardour” since the Holyrood elections in May.

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