‘Spiteful’ France warned over HGV chaos at Dover – Boris urged to halt exports to Britain

HGV driver slams ‘ridiculous’ checks ahead of journey

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This comes as new EU rules, due to come into force from April, would force HGV drivers to leave their vehicles for ID checks. MPs and Port of Dover authorities have warned that the changes will lead to huge queues and “continual” traffic chaos at the port. Express.co.uk readers hit out the plans, calling on the Prime Minister to take action against the EU.

One reader, Mrs Brown, said: “If the juvenile and spiteful actions of the EU, particularly France, actually, probably mainly France, do not demonstrate how very wise we were to leave them to their own devices, then nothing will.

“They need to remember, though, how much they export to the UK and every action they take against us can also be turned on them too.”

Another user echoed this, writing: “We should break off all contact with them.

“They don’t take anything from us and we do not import anything from them. No more payments, no more fishing etc.

“This will cause terrible disruption but I believe only for a short time.”

A third user, called “Hampshirehog”, encouraged the UK to “move all traffic to anywhere but France”.

They said: “Suspend all fishing licenses, impound all vessels that break the suspension and move all traffic to anywhere but France.”

Meanwhile, a commenter called “ILOVEUK” hit out at the EU, saying that it is no longer “fit for purpose”.

They wrote: “Everything the EU does is geared to make things as difficult as possible for the UK.

“The EU’s only objective is to destroy the competition by any means possible, they just can’t stand the fact that any success the UK has in any field, exposes the failure and incompetence of the EU and proves to others, that as it now stands the EU is not fit for purpose.”

A fifth reader, Keith Goodall, applauded the EU for their efforts to “lose all GB trade”.

He wrote: “Well full marks for the EU’s determination to lose all GB trade can’t fault them.”

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The new rules, which are due to come into force in April, apply to vehicles entering the EU’s passport-free Schengen Area.

The biometric checks involve electronic gates, forcing drivers to leave their vehicles rather than remain in their cars or lorries, as they are currently able to do with a simple passport check.

Responding to the announcement, Kent MPs wrote a letter to the Government warning that there was a danger of “large scale traffic disruption in Kent … on a continual basis”.

Meanwhile, the Port of Dover, Getlink and the Logistics UK group have called on the Government to open talks with Brussels and Paris on how to avoid major queues and iron out the issues.

They said the new measures pose “an imminent and serious threat” to the “well-established frictionless and free-flow operations” at Dover, adding: “All effort must be devoted to maintaining these in the national economic interest.”

The groups also said that prolonged disruption may damage the image of “Global Britain” and jeopardise our economic recovery from the pandemic.

The checks would take place on UK territory by French police, meaning that how the checks will be implemented will ultimately be up to the French authorities, governed by EU law.

The Port of Dover, which processes £144billion of freight each year, accounts for a third of all UK trade with the EU, rising to nearly 60 percent if other routes in the region – such as the Channel Tunnel – are included.

Responding to the letter, the Department for Transport said that the Government would “work constructively” to “minimise checks” at the border.

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