SNP Conference LIVE: Sturgeon ‘getting special treatment from EU’ to help Indyref2 push

Nicola Sturgeon: Ashworth discusses ‘silly mistake’ by SNP leader

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Victòria Alsina, the Spanish region’s foreign minister also claimed if Scotland voted for independence and rejoined the EU, then the same should be offered to Catalonia. 

She said: “What goes for Scotland must also go for Catalonia.

“If Europe is favourable towards Scotland having a referendum, it has to look favourably on Catalonia having a referendum.

“If Scotland were to vote in favour of independence and entered as a new member, this mechanism would have to be applied to Catalonia as well.”

Tensions between Barcelona and Brussels ran high this weekend with Ms Alsina also describing the EU’s approach to the Catalan government as “cold”.

The minister accused Brussels of having “double standards” because the bloc ignores the Spanish region’s calls for independence, despite engaging with ministers in Edinburgh.

She also told the Telegraph there was a big difference with the “complicity” offered to the Scottish First Minister by Eurocrats and Catalin officials.

In response, a European Commission spokesman said: “The constitutional order of member states (and former member states) of the EU are internal matters for them.

“We never speculate on the accession of regions to the EU.”

The European Commission has repeatedly warned that Catalonia would leave the EU as well as Spain if it broke away from Madrid.

It would only be able to rejoin the bloc after a lengthy accession process, which would require Spanish support.

The Scottish Government declined to comment.


The call comes as Scotland’s Deputy First Minister will warn the UK is facing a “winter of discontent” at the SNP’s party conference today.

John Swinney will criticise the UK Government after the Tories pushed ahead with Brexit, taking Britain out of the European Union.

With supermarkets having already experienced issues with shortages, John Swinney will argue to SNP conference that such problems show how “Westminster isn’t working”.


11am update: Alex Salmond Committee likely ‘harmed women more’, claims Scottish Lib Dem leader 

The new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said he regrets taking part in the Scottish Parliament committee examining the Scottish Government’s botched probe into harassment allegations against Alex Salmond as it “probably harmed and upset the women at the heart of it more”.

Alex Cole-Hamilton was a member of the high-profile committee which involved the former first minister and his predecessor Nicola Sturgeon both being scrutinised in separate day-long evidence sessions, among other senior Scottish political figures including Ms Sturgeon’s husband, SNP chief executive Peter Murrell.

It was set up following Mr Salmond winning more than £500,000 in a civil case after a judge ruled the Scottish Government’s handling of an investigation, launched after two female civil servants complained about his behaviour, was “unlawful” and “tainted by apparent bias”.

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