Singapore GE2020: PAP led by Tharman and new party Red Dot United face off in Jurong GRC

SINGAPORE – Jurong GRC is set for a straight fight between incumbents People’s Action Party and new political party on the block Red Dot United (RDU).

The PAP will be seeking to defend the ward, where it had garnered the best result during the 2015 General Election with more than 79 per cent of the vote.

The PAP team is led by Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, 63, and includes senior parliamentary secretary for trade and industry and foreign Affairs Tan Wu Meng, 45, and backbencher and lawyer Ms Rahayu Mahzam, 39 – who were all part of the team in the previous election.

Joining them are newcomers Mr Xie Yao Quan, 35, who is the head of healthcare redesign at Alexandra Hospital and Mr Shawn Huang, 37, a director for enterprise development at Temasek International.

The RDU candidates form the only team that the party is fielding this election.

It will see the return of three candidates who had stood in the 2015 election: lawyer Mr Ravi Philemon, 52, and educator and counsellor Ms Michelle Lee, 43, as well as theatre director Alec Tok Kim Yam, 55. The first two were previously Progress Singapore Party members, while Mr Tok was from the Singapore Democratic Party.

They will be campaigning with entrepreneur and author Liyana Dhamirah, 33, and legal engineer Nicholas Tang, 28, who are both competing in an election for the first time.

RDU was registered as a political party on June 15 after submitting its application on May 26.

The PAP slate for Jurong GRC has been the subject of much attention over the past week, after a candidate that the party had intended to field, Mr Ivan Lim, withdrew his candidacy. Mr Tharman introduced Mr Xie on Monday to replace him.

PAP and RDU will be fighting for the support of 131,234 voters in Jurong GRC when voters go tothe polls on July 10.

Thee nine-day campaign period starts immediately.

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