‘Scots will be as poor as church mice!’ Warning sent to SNP over independence fight

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland ‘must resist' Westminster control

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The SNPs made it clear throughout their annual conference that the party will not stop fighting Boris Johnson over a vote for Scottish independence. Ms Sturgeon said: “As we emerge from this pandemic, decisions fall to be made that will shape Scotland for decades to come. So we must decide who should be making those decisions; people here in Scotland or governments we don’t vote for at Westminster? That is the choice we intend to offer the Scottish people in a legal referendum within this term of parliament, Covid-permitting, by the end of 2023.”


She added: “This much is clear. Democracy must – and democracy will – prevail.”

But critics of the First Minister say that too much of her government’s time, money and energy are going into the never-ending fight for independence and, as a result, major crises are being neglected such as Scotland’s drug addiction emergency and Covid response.

Express reader, Fender, said: “Sturgeon and the SNP just use independence to hide massive nationwide failings on everything from schools to hospitals, from the roads to housing, from bed bug infestations to drugs and alcoholism! Scotland is going down the pan while Sturgeon bleats on and on about independence!”

In a poll of 9,883 people held from September 10 to 15, 92.3 percent of voters said Ms Sturgeon is neglecting important issues by having tunnel vision towards achieving independence from the UK.

The overwhelming majority of voters (91 percent) said Scotland would not be financially better off if it leaves the UK, with some going so far as to say Scotland “would be bankrupt in weeks” and that Ms Sturgeon is risking the country’s financial stability.

One voter, username IrishBrit, said: “I don’t think the Scots realise how many companies will move [out of Scotland] as their main business is in the UK.

“Scotland has less people than London… a rude awakening is coming if independence happens.”

Fiona Hyslop, the Scottish government’s economy secretary, has said that, once Scotland achieves independence, EU membership would help the country’s economy to thrive.

She said: “With our economic resources and advantages, control of economic policy and membership of the EU, Scotland would be very well placed to grow the economy.”

But a report by London School of Economics (LSE), released earlier this year, predicted that Scotland’s economy would shrink by at least £11bn a year if it became independent.

The data LSE produced suggested that, while re-joining the EU would give Scotland’s economy a small boost, trading costs with the rest of the UK would increase by a huge 15 to 30 percent if independence was achieved.

An Express reader, username Fredbeare, commented: “They will become as poor as church mice, even worse when they join the EU and the discredited Euro.

“Boy will they suffer, worse than Greece or Spain, and boy will many of us laugh our heads off. Good riddance!”

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Overall, however, the majority of Britons do not think Scotland will vote to leave the UK if a referendum is held, according to Express data.

A large 74 percent of voters think the Scottish people will vote ‘no’ to independence.

One Scottish reader, username The Taxilady, said: “We in Scotland want a referendum… on DISSOLVING HOLYROOD!”

A fellow Scot, elliecar, accused Ms Sturgeon of “not [being] capable of listening to the Scottish people”.

They added: “Scotland is on a fast track to becoming a third world country, and all because this despicable woman wants more and more power.

“She is not capable of running a country. When will all our bravehearts wake up and see what she is doing to our country.”

Another issue discussed at the SNP conference over the weekend, was the party’s aim to remove the British nuclear weapons base, Trident, off of the shores of Clyde.

The SNP has claimed it will force the UK government to move the Trident base in the next three years, which would likely cost millions of pounds and create an array of logistical issues.

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When asked whether the UK should force the Scottish to allow the nuclear base to remain, 62 percent of readers said the UK should not and many said that they would rather British nuclear weapons were moved elsewhere.

One reader, username JL77, said: “Trident does not belong to Scotland it should not be Nicola Sturgeon’s decision and she does not speak for the whole of the UK and never will.”

Scottish reader, Mrs Mitchell, said it is “depressingly typical” of Ms Sturgeon to be “moaning about the indy NeverEndDum and claiming she’ll force the immediate removal of Trident”.

They added: “If she gets her way she’ll only moan louder when Scotland needs the protection Trident and the UK give.

“I want to shove the noses of every voter in their mess up here who made another torturous five years of SNP corruption possible, I really do!”

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