Sadiq Khan’s new scrappage scheme for his hated ULEZ tax branded ‘a con’

High Court ruling allows Sadiq Khan to roll out ULEZ expansion

Sadiq Khan’s attempts to make his expansion of the ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) in London with a tax of £12.50 a day on thousands of drivers has been branded “a con” by one of his leading critics.

Howard Cox, Reform UK’s candidate for London Mayor and founder of the FairFuel UK campaign, has dismissed the Labour London Mayor’s expansion of the scrappage scheme to replace cars which would fall foul of his new tax on motorists.

The scheme will now see £2,000 provided for petrol cars older than 2005 and diesel cars older than 2015 while bus8nesses with vans which are too old will be offered £7,000.

Previously only people on benefits would qualify for the scheme but now it will apply to everyone in outer London.

The move came after Mr Khan came under massive political pressure after the hated ULEZ expansion cost the Labour Party a by-election victory in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election last month.

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But Mr Cox, who has vowed to remove ULEZ in all of London if elected, said: “On first looks, Khan’s latest increase in his scrappage scheme seems very generous.

“But still £2,000 towards a ULEZ non-compliant vehicle does not touch the sides in terms of the cost of a new EV.

“Widening the scheme to all owners of non-compliant vehicles is welcomed, but I repeat dishonestly taking taxpayer’s money out of GLA reserves will not cover the cost of a new EV, with the cheapest only available close to £20,000.

“The Mayor says he has listened to businesses too or so he says, he has announced that the scrappage payment for vans will increase from £5,000 to £7,000.

“But again, the cheapest to buy are over £30,000.”

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He added: “Frankly, Khan’s new all-shiny scrappage scheme remains a con and will put low-income drivers and small businesses into further debt to comply with his cash-grabbing undemocratic and needless idealism.”

Khan is using £50million of City Hall reserves to fund the changes, taking the total put into the scrappage fund to £160million at the expense of the taxpayer.

The scrappage scheme will not help hundreds of thousands of motorists who need to drive into London every day for business or commuting but live outside.

So far six councils around London have refused to cooperate with Khan’s demands for help with signs and cameras.

But despite massive opposition to the scheme he will press ahead with expanding the ULEZ charge to greater London from August 29 at the end of the summer holidays.

The London Mayor has insisted that introducing the scheme will save 4,000 lives a year by reducing air pollution but critics have disputed the science behind the claims.

Meanwhile, Tory Transport Mark Harper is under pressure to intervene and stop the new tax on hundreds and thousands of motorists int he middle of a cost of living crisis.

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