Rep. Mike Garcia: Mr. Biden, stop giving hope to the bad guys in Afghanistan, China, Russia and elsewhere

Biden won’t extend deadline for Afghanistan withdrawal: U.S. official

‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to President Biden’s decision not to extend the August 31 deadline to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Since President Joe Biden took office, we have seen a concerning trend of the president giving hope to the bad guys. Bowing down to the communist governments of China, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba. Providing hope to terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Opening our borders to cartel members. This must stop.

As a father, combat veteran, and member of Congress, ensuring that America remains the land of opportunity and freedom for generations to come is ‘Mission Critical.’ Now, more than ever, we need to fight for our nation’s security—neighborhood security, school security, election security, economic security, border security, and importantly, national security.

In April, when Biden announced America’s unconditional withdrawal with a preset and communicated date from Afghanistan, I cautioned it would only embolden terrorist organizations and expand the Global War on Terror. 

In recent days, we have seen the devastating fallout from the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal. This deadly mistake was a gift to the Taliban and put Americans and our Afghan allies directly in harm’s way. 

The withdrawal has not only encouraged terrorist organizations like the Taliban, which directly threaten our own security, but it has signaled to other adversary nations like China and Russia that America is weak and vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is actively working to re-enter the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. The deal, which was a failure from day one, did not prevent a nuclear Iran. In fact, it encouraged a nuclear arsenal and facilitated Iran’s support of terrorists. When President Donald Trump pulled out of the deal, it was the right thing to do. We must not let the Biden administration re-enter the dreadful deal.

Furthermore, America has recently seen an increase in concerning cyberattacks from Russian groups. From the critical Colonial pipeline to JBS USA, North America’s largest meatpacker by volume. The Biden administration should have taken a stronger diplomatic stance with nations like Russia who refuse to take action to curb these attacks. Instead, President Biden gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of just 16 things that were “off-limits.”

President Biden handed Putin another gift when he decided to waive congressionally mandated sanctions against Russia’s Nordstream 2 natural-gas pipeline. At the same time, Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have created thousands of high-paying American jobs. 

Let’s not forget that the Biden administration has grossly failed to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its role in the origins of COVID-19, which the evidence suggests—like too many other things—was made in China. China is also forging ahead of America on many fronts in an attempt to outpace us—especially when it comes to science, space, and technology. We can’t just compete with China; we need to surpass China.

And as Cuban citizens look to America for hope and help, the Biden administration yet again has chosen to give hope to the bad guys instead – this time to the communist Cuban government.

While the Biden administration continues to provide hope to our adversaries, the radical left is also working to actively defund our military and law enforcement. This is a direct threat to our nation’s security.

I have always been proud to be an American and to fight to ensure we remain a free and secure nation. As a first-generation American, the promise of the American Dream is real. 

I fulfilled my own ‘American Dream’ when I first got the opportunity to serve as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot. But we can’t remain a safe, secure, and free nation if we continue to pander to our adversaries. 

Americans deserve assured security on all fronts—not a nation that doesn’t hold our adversaries accountable, has unsecured borders, and fails to enforce the law.

President Biden must stop giving hope to the bad guys. Instead, we need to invest in and support the good guys—our military members and their families, our law enforcement, small business owners and job creators, and our allies overseas.

We need to give the good guys in America the unfair advantage, not the bad guys.

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