Rep. Debbie Lesko: Taxpayer dollars should not support abortion. Even Joe Biden used to support that idea

Biden moves to allow federal funding for abortion

Podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey predicts there will be ‘buyers remorse’ among pro-life individuals who voted for Biden on ‘Fox News Primetime’

The Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress have made it clear that they will stop at nothing to advance their radical agenda. With President Biden’s proposed budget failing to include Hyde Amendment protections, taxpayers will be footing the bill for the Democrats’ abortion dreams. 

From his first week in the Oval Office, Biden is shaping up to be the least pro-Life president in history. Forcing taxpayers to fund abortions in direct violation of conscience rights will have tragic consequences for unborn babies.

Provisions like the Hyde Amendment, first passed by Congress in 1976 to prevent the federal funding of abortions, have historically had bipartisan support, including the support of then-Senator Biden. Even President Obama signed an executive order supporting the Hyde Amendment, but that’s not the case in this far-left administration.

In just his first week in office, President Biden reversed President Trump’s policy that banned taxpayer funds from supporting groups that provide abortion services overseas.

Ending these safeguards is both unpopular and unrepresentative of the will of the American people. Recent polling has found that 54 percent of Americans across the political aisle agree that taxpayer dollars should not fund abortions.

Regardless of polling numbers, rolling back these previous protections is a tragedy, both for those who are forced to abide by the lack of conscience protections and for the countless unborn babies who will be denied their inherent right to life. 

Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize this practice that destroys the dignity of life, yet under the Biden administration, every American is now entangled with the abortion industry through their tax dollars. Biden’s budget consequently undermines our fundamental right to religious liberty.

Federal laws have long upheld the need to protect the freedom of conscience to ensure that Americans are not forced to fund or participate in practices that violate their moral or religious beliefs. The freedom to live in accordance with one’s deeply held beliefs unfortunately no longer seems to be permitted under this administration. Americans with deep moral objections to abortion will be forced to pay for them. That should never be the case.

I am deeply saddened to see that the Biden administration has decided to disregard the sanctity of life and force every American to fund abortions. 

It is beyond tyrannical to force Americans to fund a practice that destroys life and violates their sincerely held moral beliefs. 

The Biden administration is deeply wrong to roll back important pro-life protections and force every taxpayer across the nation to fund abortions. 

It is a tragedy that unborn lives will be lost thanks to Biden’s payoff to an industry focused on the destruction of innocent life.


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