Rank-And-File Republicans Record Videos Demanding Trump’s Immediate Removal

The message in videos recorded by rank-and-file Republicans is loud and clear.

The furious GOPers demand Donald Trump’s immediate removal from office via the 25th Amendment or impeachment in clips that the Republican Voters Against Trump group shared on social media following last week’s Capitol riot.

House Democrats will reportedly vote to impeach Trump for a second time on Wednesday, accusing him of incitement to insurrection.

And in the confessional-style videos, the disaffected Republicans explain exactly why Trump’s ouster would not come a moment too soon.

“Not one more day, not one more hour of this plague in our Oval Office,” one woman named Julie says in a direct message to Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet. “Fix it now with the 25th Amendment.”

Pence has reportedly ruled out using the process to oust Trump from the White House.

“This cannot be left to stand, these actions cannot be left with no response,” said Dan from Arizona, who said it was imperative that Trump and “all those Republicans who took their phony claims about election irregularities and created fantasies for their cult to grasp onto” were held accountable.

Jim, a Republican until this year, slammed Trump as a “reprehensible piece of garbage” and urged members of Congress to “get rid” of him immediately.

Check out some of the videos here:


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