Raab in fresh showdown with European court that blocked Rwanda flight

Dominic Raab is for a fresh showdown with the European Court of Human Rights as part of the UK’s efforts to overhaul its meddling injunctions. The Deputy Prime Minister said many other European countries had experienced problems with the so-called Rule 39 orders, which were used to block the inaugural deportation flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda.

He said that he would be returning to Strasbourg for further talks with the court after receiving a “positive” response to his first meeting.

Mr Raab said: “The first brush had a much better landing than expected.

“One thing I was heartened by is how many other European nations are saying the same. There are lots of countries having similar problems around it.

“As a result, I thought that my experience of discussing it with both the secretary general (of the Council of Europe) and the judiciary in Strasbourg was very positive.”


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