Poll shows voters are making up their mind on who they want as PM

Techne chief executive Michela Morizzo explains this week's polls

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The number of people who have not decided who they would prefer as Prime Minister has dropped by a quarter in a month with British voters apparently siding with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. The Techne UK “best Prime Minister” tracker poll for Express.co.uk has charted which one of Sir Keir or Rishi Sunak voters would rather see in 10, Downing Street.

The third outing of the poll in the last month has seen the number of “don’t knows” fall from almost a quarter (24 percent) on November 10 to 18 percent on December 8 from survey of 1,624 voters.

While voters appear to be making up their mind even though there could be two years before an election, Labour’s leader has managed to hold his six point gap ahead of the Conservative Prime Minister.

It comes as Starmer has started to roll out a policy platform promising to replace the House of lords with an elected chamber and even suggesting he would give Nicola sturgeon some foreign policy powers in the Scottish Parliament.

Meanwhile, he and Mr Sunak clashed on Wednesday in Prime Minister’s questions as he mocked the Tory leader for caving into demands from his backbenchers to scrap targets for new homes and plans for onshore wind.

According to the poll mr Sunak still fairs best with voters over 55 with 46 percent of 55-to-64-year-olds and 43-percent of 65 and overs, in both cases ahead of Mr Sunak.

Middle aged voters aged 45 to 54 see an even split of 42 percent for Mr Sunak and 43 percent for Starmer.

But among younger voters the Labour leader has a significant lead with 46 percent to Sunak’s 30 percent among 18-to-34-year-olds.

Unsurprisingly, Leave voters from 2016 largely back the Tory Prime minister with 59 percent despite Sir Keir attempting to sound more pro-Brexit in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Remainers from 2016 are more likely to vote for Sir Keir with 58 percent.

However, the poll does show some hope for Mr Sunak despite the chaos of recent months which saw him become the third Tory Prime Minister since the summer after Boris Johnson was deposed followed by Liz Truss in just 48 days.

Starmer’s six point lead in best Prime Minister is far smaller than the 21 percent lead Labour have over the Tories in the main tracker poll.

Downing Street sources believe that Labour’s lead is soft and if they can make the next election a choice between Starmer and Sunak then they can still win.

But Tory MPs are less convinced as they prepare for the break over Christmas.

One Tory MP who backed Mr Sunak for the leadership over the summer told Express.co.uk that the party is “without hope.”

The MP said: “If I had put Boris on a leaflet then it would have definitely had cut through and got me votes. If I put Rishi on a leaflet nobody cares.”


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