‘Poles welcomed 1.2m!’ Ex-EU chief Tusk takes swipe at Boris over UK’s refugee effort

Ukraine: UK slammed by Shola for 'stingy' help for refugees

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The former European Council President took to Twitter to compare Poland and Britain’s response to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion. Mr Tusk said: “Solidarity in action.

“The UK has granted 50 visas to the Ukrainian refugees while the Poles have welcomed 1.2 million of Ukrainians in two weeks.

“‘We are generous as we possibly can, we are very, very generous,’ says Boris Johnson.”

Mr Tusk ended his tweet with a face palm emoji, which is commonly used to display frustration or embarrassment.

The ex-European Council President’s intervention comes as more than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine following the biggest assault on a European country since World War Two.

The Home Office said “around 50” visas had been given the green light under the Ukraine Family Scheme as of Sunday morning.

In an update yesterday, Home Office minister Kevin Foster said that more than 500 visas had now been issued under the scheme, with more than 10,000 applications submitted.

The Government has come under criticism over its resettlement policy for those fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugees arriving in Calais in the hope of coming to the UK will be told to travel more than 70 miles to apply for visas.

It is understood Government officials currently have no plans to set up a processing centre in the port city in northern France, instead intending to redirect those seeking sanctuary to a small “pop-up” visa application centre in Lille.

The decision is said to have been made to avoid drawing Ukrainians to the area amid fears they could be targeted by people smuggling gangs as they look to cross the English Channel.

But the Home Office is yet to confirm when the Lille site will open or where exactly it will be, although it is anticipated to be operating by the end of the week and is not intended to become a large-scale visa application centre.

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The Prime Minister has defended the need for border checks on refugees fleeing to Britain from Ukraine amid suggestions that Russian agents could try to abuse the system.

The Prime Minister said: “I think it is important that when you do have people coming to your country, maybe coming from a war zone where their previous history is unclear, what they have been up to, it is important to have checks.

“That is one thing we are able to do.

“I think having some sort of check, some sort of control is an important feature of the way we do things. I think it is valuable.

“It doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be massively, massively generous.

“But I think to have a system of simply uncontrolled immigration isn’t right.”

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