PMQs time today as Liz Truss fights for survival

Cabinet meets as Liz Truss battles to stay in No 10

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Liz Truss is due in Parliament today for her third Prime Minister’s Questions session with MPs. The Labour Party will quiz the Prime Minister less than a week after Jeremy Hunt, her own Chancellor, shredded definitive fiscal plans made by his predecessor, Kwasi Kwarteng. The moment will prove vital for Ms Truss to either unite or further divide Tories, many of whom are in open rebellion with the Government.

What time is PMQs today?

Today’s crunch PMQs will, on the surface, progress like any other.

House of Commons organisers have scheduled the session to start at 12pm this afternoon.

Ms Truss will first address the house with a statement before handing over to MPs for the first questions.

Labour and opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer then has the opportunity to deliver a rebuttal.

Once the leading politicians have completed their exchange, other party leaders and MPs follow with questions.

The PMQs slot lasts for half an hour until 12.30 but may end later depending on the questions asked and their answers.

A typical Prime Minister’s Question Time may last up to 40 minutes or more.

How can you watch PMQs?

Ms Truss’ recent public troubles will likely attract a larger audience for PMQs today.

People hoping to watch the Prime Minister defend her Government have several ways to tune in this afternoon.

Most news channels, including Sky and BBC News, broadcast the event from the House of Commons from start to finish with running commentary.

Those without access to a television can watch the session unfold live and uninterrupted via live stream.

Parliament will broadcast PMQs from its streaming site at, which also covers other chambers.

The House of Commons stream starts half an hour before Ms Truss is due in the chamber at 11.30am this morning and ends at 8pm.

Anyone who would prefer written rather than televised coverage can read the live blog here.

What will happen in PMQs today?

As they await the Prime Minister’s arrival in Parliament, political pundits have speculated how Ms Truss and Sir Keir will handle the session.

Times political editor Steven Swinford predicted “contrition” and attacks focused on strike action.

Sir Keir, Mr Swinford expects, will attack Ms Truss’ economic record, framing the Tories as the party that “crashed the economy”.

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