Penny Mordaunt set to declare her bid to be ‘unity’ Prime Minister

Liz Truss: Graham Brady responds to Prime Minister's resignation

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Penny Mordaunt is set to launch her bid to be the next Prime Minister tomorrow morning, sources have told The Leader of the House only narrowly lost out to Liz Truss in getting to the final two for Tory members to choose from over the summer. Now she is prepared to push herself forward as “the unity candidate” in an attempt to save the Conservative Party.

Ms Mordaunt is seen as the One Nation contender who stands the best chance to bring the warring factions of the Conservatives together with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak still blamed for Boris Johnson’s demise.

A well placed source told “Penny will launch her leadership bid officially tomorrow morning. She is just getting her team together and will portay herself as the unity candidate.”


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