‘Not too sure he’ll see through this one’ Boris Johnson warned ‘cynical’ EU plan to fail

GB News: Commentator discusses Boris' axe of EU regulation

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to axe dozens of European Union laws this year in a bid to appease tensions among Conservative MPs and win over voters ahead of the next general election. The Conservative leader has been dealt back-to-back blows over the last few months with Partygate revelations emerging bit by bit. Last week, Sue Gray’s report exposed more photos of Boris Johnson himself and colleagues taking part in lockdown-breaking Downing Street gatherings.

For political commentator Charlie Samson, Sue Gray’s report could be the last straw.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “I’m not too sure he’ll see through this one.”

Referring to Boris Johnson’s plans to axe EU regulations now, he added: “I think it’s cynical if I’m honest.

“I think that many of the things he’s done since this scandal has come out have been to win over voters.

“And I don’t know if this is going to colour personally.”

Though he admitted it is the Prime Minister’s job to win over voters, he said that the timing could play against him.

Mr Samson added: “But I think the timing comes into play with all this stuff that’s going on right now.”

GB News presenter Stephen Dixon pointed out: “It’s going to take several years to implement. But you want these things to be starting to happen once we got around to the next election.”

Mr Samson explained: “Absolutely, you’re absolutely right. I think that’s it’s good he wants to implement them now. 

“But I think that the ‘now’ is what people are going to focus on.”

“Why is he doing this now?”

On why he is being cynical about Mr Johnson’s move at this juncture, Mr Samson said: “I think he wants to claw back support from core voters in the party.

“They’re upset about Partygate. They’re upset about the handling.”

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Mr Samson continued: “Obviously, you’ve got reports of things being hidden.

“People are not entirely convinced by the report itself.”

“I think this is just a way of kind of getting back some credibility that he might have lost over the last few weeks.”

Boris Johnson’s plan to axe EU laws is meant to reverse polling trends that have shown him falling behind since early March.

According to the latest YouGov survey, Boris Johnson’s approval rating stood at 26 percent on 5 May.

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