‘Nobody cares!’ Ferrari rages at focus on Gray report as he slams cost of living inaction

Sue Gray report: Ferrari says 'nobody cares' about PM meeting

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Downing Street admitted it requested a meeting between Boris Johnson and senior civil servant Sue Gray several weeks ago ahead of the publication of partygate report. LBC Nick Ferrari reacted to the new updates calling the government’s attention to the current cost of living crisis as he stressed people are now “more concerned” about how to pay their heating bills rather than about “who called the bloody meeting between Sue Gray and the PM”.

The LBC radio presenter said: “We’re meant to care about who called the bloody meeting between Sue Gray and the PM?!

“Nobody cares.

“You’ve got a packet of pasta, dry pasta, that costs a quid.

“I honestly think that Ms Jones in Clapham is more concerned about that.

“Fortunately, she doesn’t need to turn the heating on at the moment.

“But she’s looking nervously over a shoulder at the impending autumn and then the winter.

“Because of the heading bills that are coming this way.

“Ukraine can’t produce any sunflower oil.

“So that’s what is going through the roof.

“The fish and chip shop might be about to close down.

The PM’s spokesperson confirmed that No.10 investigated the meeting between PM Boris Johnson and senior civil servant Sue Gray, which took place a few weeks ago.

The spokesperson explained: “The formal, technical meeting request came through from Sue Gray, but it was originally suggested by officials in No 10 that it may be something that she might want to consider.

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The spokesperson also justified the meeting saying: “As you would expect for reports like this, it is understandable that there would be a need to share information on things like timings and publication process because obviously there is a process for No 10 and the prime minister that would flow off the back of Sue Gray completing her report.

“So that then helps with our planning purposes and things like that”.

In light of the updates, the PM’s spokesperson said the content of the meeting will not be released as he claimed “it was a private meeting”.

The report by civil servant Sue Gray will be released within days and it is expected to provide additional details on the nature of what happened at No.10 during the last coronavirus lockdown while covid restrictions were in place.

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