‘No case for rejoining’ Keir Starmer puts final nail in Brexit coffin as ‘no going back’

Keir Starmer says there’s ‘no case for rejoining’ the EU

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer made it clear Britain had left the European Union and there were no good reasons to rejoin. Before becoming Labour leader two years ago, Mr Starmer had consistently campaigned for a second referendum on European Union membership. The Labour leader stated that he wanted to make Brexit work, giving Brits reassurance that he was working on a clear Brexit plan.

BBC Radio Newcastle host Alfie Joey said: “A lot of them want to see Brexit, have you changed your views on that?”

Mr Starmer said: “We have exited the EU and we are not going back!

“And let me very clear on the North East about that, there is no case for rejoining.

“What I want to see now, is not just Brexit done in the sense that we’re technically out of the EU.

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Mr Starmer added: “I want to make it work, I want to make sure that we take advantage of the opportunities.

“And that we have a clear plan for Brexit, so that’s what I’m working on.”

SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford slammed the Labour leader due to Sir Keir Starmer having previously campaigned for a referendum on the decision to not leave the EU.

Mr Blackford said that Mr Starmer “joined the Tories on Brexit”  accusing him of trying to make a “shoddy attempt to win back votes in England.”

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Reacting to Mr Starmer’s interview, Mr Blackford said: “It’s now beyond doubt that independence is the only way for Scotland to regain our place in Europe. There is no way back under Westminster control.

“Brexit was imposed against Scotland’s will and it has cost us billions of pounds in long-term damage, hammering our economy, compounding the Tory cost-of-living crisis, and stripping away people’s rights.


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“The confirmation that Labour has joined the Tories on Brexit makes it all the more essential that people in Scotland have the choice to determine our own future in an independence referendum, so we can build a fairer, greener and European future as an independent country.

“The SNP Government won the Scottish election on a cast-iron mandate to hold an independence referendum, with a record share of the vote.

“There is an overwhelming majority for an independence referendum in the Scottish Parliament and that democratic mandate must be respected.”

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