Nigel Farage’s call to leave ECHR backed: ‘Foreign court has no place in UK’

Nigel Farage issues warning over Tory 'backtracking' on Brexit

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Nigel Farage has demanded that the UK leaves the courts jurisdiction following the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to halt the departure of the first flight carrying asylum seekers to Rwanda. The GB News presenter and former MEP tweeted on Wednesday, June 15: “Left-wing lawyers now dictate our immigration policy. Time to leave the ECHR and finally complete Brexit.”

The ECHR rules on issues relating to the ECHR and withdrawing from the framework risks damaging the UK’s reputation. 

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “We are keeping all options on the table including any further legal reforms that may be necessary.

“We will look at all of the legislation and processes in this round.”

Richard Tice, Reform UK leader, supported Mr Farage’s view and said: “Rwanda deportation blocked by European Court of Human Rights – helpful as proves we must withdraw from ECHR, replace with domestic equivalent.

“As a sovereign nation, with a proud human rights record, don’t need foreign political court telling us what to do.”

As a result of Mr Farage’s demands to leave the ECHR readers were asked for their opinions.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Thursday, June 16, to 9am on Saturday, June 18, asked: “Should the UK listen to Nigel Farage and withdraw from the ECHR?”

A total of 9,639 people voted with the overwhelming majority, 90 percent (8,679 people), answering “yes”, the UK should withdraw from the ECHR.

A further 10 percent (936 people) said “no”, the UK should not withdraw from the ECHR while just 24 people said they did not know either way.

Thousands of comments were left below the accompanying article in a lively debate.

One reader, username Xyz44, said: “Yes absolutely, we should leave the ECHR, and take control of our country and laws.” 

Username yEUck said: “Not a question of listening to Farage or anyone else – the UK should have withdrawn from this a long time ago. It has been scuppering sensible immigration policy for decades.”

And username euripedes wrote: “The ECHR is no longer fit for purpose and needs replacing with a British bill of rights that the ECHR cannot interfere with.” 

The ECHR is not an EU institution so has not been impacted by Brexit but some readers agreed that the UK did not need an international court.

Username Fairsfare said: “The ECHR has no place in the UK. We already have a strong legal system and citizens rights.”

Another, username Britainfree said: “No foreign court of any kind should be allowed to interfere in the domestic politics of the UK.”

And username ChrisGibbings1 wrote: “Yes, time to stop any outside interference in UK matters.” 

Home Secretary Priti Patel hit out at the “absolutely scandalous” ruling by the ECtHR which grounded the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda suggesting it was politically motivated.


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She told The Daily Telegraph: “You’ve got to look at the motivation. How and why did they make that decision? Was it politically motivated? I’m of the view that it is, absolutely.

“The opaque way this court has operated is absolutely scandalous. That needs to be questioned.

“We don’t know who the judges are, we don’t know who the panel are, we haven’t actually had a judgement – just a press release and a letter saying we can’t move this person under rule 39.

“They’ve not used this ruling previously, which does make you question the motivation and the lack of transparency.”

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said that the Strasbourg-based court should have a more limited view of its powers but the UK has no plans to leave.

He told the BBC on Thursday, June 16: “Our plans involve staying within the Convention, the European Convention.

“It is also important the Strasbourg court reflects and stays faithful to its mandate as part of the convention.”

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