Nigel Farage lays out key reason for Tory ‘wipe out’ in next election

Nigel Farage says Tories will get 'wiped out' in the next election

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Nigel Farage forecasts a Conservative “wipe out” in the next General Election because of soaring energy bills. While he says Kwasi Kwarteng’s p45 u-turn hit the party’s approval ratings, he says the rocketing energy prices will dramatically influence the outcome of the upcoming election. He added the Conservative party could face the same fate as they did in 1997.

“I have to say the Conservatives have got us into this most unholly mess. 

“Boris Johnson left the country in a very bad economic mess. 

“Energy is at the heart of this.”

In a major intervention, Prime Minister Liz Truss froze energy prices for two years, with the average annual bill for a typical household set to be around £2,500. Ofgem’s energy cap has doubled since last year and could have trippled without the government’s help.

Nigel Farage continued: “Yet, when the Chancellor tried to cut top rate tax from 45 to 40, there’s international outrage because the globalists do not want taxes cut at all. 

“And there’s a run on the pound, which incidentially was predicted time and again on this show – troubles in the gilts market. 

“And it wasn’t because of a small tax reduction, which in financial terms was dwarfed by energy bailouts and Covid bailouts.”

“But Liz Truss and the Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng lost their nerve, they’ve u-turned. They now stand as a party for absolutely nothing. 

“They will get wiped out in the next general election as they did in 1997 – and frankly, they simply deserve it,” Mr Farage concluded. 

The Conservative Party led by Prime Minister John Major lost the 1997 General Election by a landslide to the Labour Party led by Tony Blair. 

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Liz Truss faces a dire economic outlook created by Vladimir Putin’s energy war, turmoil in financial markets and global inflation.

Since her and her Chancellor’s u-turn on the tax band for top earners, the Prime Minister’s approval rating has slumped to new lows – worse than Boris Johnson’s at the height of the Partygate scandal. 

The disatrous polling by Opinium, which places her at -47 percent, come on the back of the Conservative Party conference and the Bank of England’s forced intervention to rescue UK pension funds and clear up the economic turmoil.

If an election were held today, Labour would win by 21 percentage points over the Conservative Party, Opinium finds. 

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