Nicola Sturgeon forced to defend referendum funds amid cost of living

Sturgeon grilled on 'cutting budget' for independence referendum

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The Scottish First Minister laid out plans to ease the cost of living crisis for Scots when challenged by BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty on Friday morning. Nicola Sturgeon was then forced to defend the budget set aside to deliver on the SNP’s proposed second indyref next year. 

Naga asked the Scottish First Minister: “Whilst you’ve cut made cuts in that budget. Are you cutting the budget on the independence referendum?”

Ms Sturgeon said: “Well, of course, we’re talking about this financial year and the independence referendum I hope will be in the next financial year,.”

“So even if we did which we’re not going to because I was elected as First Minister on a commitment to an independence referendum, that’s democracy.

“I was elected with a record sheet of the vote in the Scottish Parliament elections last year on a record turnout.”


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