Nicola Sturgeon ‘angering’ own SNP members on delivering Scottish independence

Kenny MacAskill says his enemy ‘isn’t the SNP’

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Alba MP Kenny MacAskill also claimed there is frustration among supporters over a perceived lack of strategy for a second vote by the Nats. The Scottish First Minister said she wants a second independence referendum to take place before the end of 2023, subject to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the Prime Minister would still have to grant permission for a legal vote and has so far signalled a no to granting a section 30 order required for a referendum.

Mr MacAskill who defected from the SNP before the 2021 Holyrood election said: “What you have is empty rhetoric about a referendum.

“There is disquiet at the grassroots of the Yes movement.

“That’s where frustration, if not anger, is mounting.

“The pressure will grow on the SNP to match action with rhetoric, and not simply give platitudes, or take steps that frankly should have been taken a long time back.”

Mr MacAskill added the Nats “grassroots Yes movement” was getting on and taking steps to “prepare” for IndyRef2 on their own.

The East Lothian MP declared: “People have decided there is no leadership from the SNP.

“Therefore they are getting on and doing it themselves.”

The Alba Party MP also lambasted the SNP’s record in Westminster since achieving a Scottish landslide in 2015 claiming they had achieved “diddly squat”.

He stressed little movement had been made with the Tories and repeated calls for the party to adopt a policy of semi-abstentionism.

This policy would see MPs head to the House of Commons only when absolutely necessary.

When asked if he could see an event when SNP MPs could refuse to take their seats in protest at the UK Government’s stance on IndyRef2, he said: “That would have to be considered at some stage.

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“In the same way if the UK Government refuses a referendum, we must consider alternatives to a referendum.

“It’s why the Yes movement is frustrated at the SNP’s lack of strategy, and why I think it will take steps to give us far greater control of our destiny, and not leaving it to the whims of Boris Johnson.”

He made clear to the Record: “We get nothing going to Westminster but there is a platform there and an opportunity to use it.

“Since 2015, the SNP has had its backsides glued to seats in Westminster and achieved diddly squat for it.

Alex Salmond and Alba criticised by Angus Robertson

“I don’t think the Scottish people would support the replication of some form of Sinn Fein’s abstentionism.

“But I think they would accept us using Westminster in a manner that is much more supportive of Scotland – maybe less deferential, and less supine.”

Elsewhere, Alba party leader Alex Salmond called for the campaign for Scottish independence to start now.

The former Scottish First Minister claimed, “time is not on the side” of those suffering from Westminster policies.

Speaking to party members, Mr Salmond said: “It’s up to the Scottish people when they’re going to exert their right of self-determination, and they have so decided, not just at one election, but at five elections running.

“It is the job of politicians to deliver the wishes of the Scottish people.”

The SNP has been approached for comment.


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