The NFL has failed to fix its anthem problem

NFL has failed to fix its anthem problem: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the fallout from the NFL’s national anthem protests.

Last night, as the NFL season got rolling, two players for the Miami Dolphins "took the knee" and one even raised his fist.

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Two players for the Philadelphia Eagles also raised their fists before their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And Michael Bennett, the defensive lineman, took a long time getting out of the tunnel, as the anthem was being played…I'll call that a protest.

The NFL says no players will be disciplined because talks with the players union are ongoing.

The fans are not going to be happy. Football loses.

A handful of players are biting the hand that feeds them, and pulling down everyone else. President Trump echoed a similar sentiment in a tweet Friday morning.


If this is part of the Trump "resistance" movement, I don't think it is working. I don't think it is effective.

Contrast what the players are doing, with the group of black clergy which met President Trump at the White House. They are working with, and not against the president. And the collaboration is showing proven results. For example, the House has passed a bill on prison reform. Isn't that one of the goals of the anthem kneelers?

Here's another contrast: Chicago…Colin Kaepernick's original protest was against police shootings of African-Americans. But in Chicago this past weekend none of the shootings were attributed to police officers. And a leader of the "resistance" movement is Chicago's Mayor, Rham Emanuel.

Here's my conclusion…Fighting and “resisting” Trump, is not working very well for football or Chicago. However, working with him, like Pastor Darrell Scott and his colleagues, shows real progress.

And let’s not forget, the Trump growth plan has cut the black unemployment rate to the lowest level ever.

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