Morgan Carroll, Colorado Democratic Party chairwoman to step down

The chairwoman of the Colorado Democratic Party will not run for a fourth term and will step down in April, the party announced Wednesday.

Morgan Carroll has led the party for six years, during which Colorado has shifted from a purple state to one controlled solely at the state level by Democrats. Her decision to step down through April 1, announced in a party press release, comes a month after that dominance was underscored in an election that many had predicted would be a red wave repudiation of Democratic governance. Instead, Carroll will step aside from a party with complete, historic dominance of the state.

“It has been an extraordinary experience to be in the trenches with all of you for the past 6 years,” Carroll said in the press release. “We have needed to do a lot of healing, a lot of growing, a lot of planning and a lot of organizing, in order to meet the moment and existential threats to democracy, our climate, and the fundamental rights of our communities.”

Carroll was not immediately available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

She had previously served in both the state House and Senate and rose to lead the latter chamber. She ran unsuccessfully to represent Colorado’s 6th Congressional District in 2016, after which she became state party chairwoman.

When Carroll assumed the role of party chairwoman in 2017, Democrats controlled the governor’s mansion but none of the other three statewide seats. They won all four in 2018 and successfully defended all of them last month, while padding out their majorities in both the House and Senate, winning two competitive congressional districts and nearly unseating U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Carroll’s Republican counterpart, Kristi Burton Brown, has yet to announce whether she’ll run again to serve as party chair. She told the Denver Post earlier this week that she should make a decision in the “near future.”

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