McDonnell casts doubt over Labour’s election chances under Starmer

Liz Truss: Pundit discusses ‘backlash’ from Tory MPs

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John McDonnell has talked down his own party’s elections chances, saying that Labour cannot “win by default”. He suggested that Sir Keir Starmer’s policies are not “clear” enough, calling on the Labour leader to “get out there urgently”. When asked by whether or not Sir Keir is doing enough to provide straightforward policies, Mr McDonnell said: “I think we need to be clearer.

“We need to be absolutely clear now about how we’re going to support people in the current difficult period.

“And then secondly, we need now to be setting out more clearly the political programme that we’ll introduce when we come into power.”

The veteran MP continued: “What I’ve been trying to say to the Labour leadership, is you need time.

“Obviously you develop the policy, you form it, you test it, you poll it privately – then you announce the policy.

“Then you’ll have a wave of attacks.

“You need to rebuttal that attack and then you have to get the detail out into the nation on how it will affect them, how it will affect their communities. I think that all takes about 18 months to be frank.

“We haven’t got 18 months. So we need to get out there urgently.”

He added: “The potential is enormous.

“I’m just trying to say to people: ‘Don’t think you can win this election by default.’

“You have to inspire people so they come out and support us positively, rather than just reject the Tories.”

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The date of the next general election has not yet been announced, but when she took over from Boris Johnson, Liz Truss signalled that she intends to call a general election in two years’ time.

She told Tory members that she will deliver “a great victory for the Conservative Party in 2024.”

The last possible date for the next election is 23 January 2025.

A new poll from Savanta gave Labour a 12-point lead over the Conservatives.

The poll, which was conducted using 6,226 adults between September 15 and 16, suggested the party would secure a 56-seat majority in the House of Commons.

A total of 45 percent of those polled said they would back Sir Keir’s party.

Just 33 percent said the same of the Conservatives.

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