Matt Hancock heckled in Commons return as MPs erupt with laughter at disgraced ex-minister

Matt Hancock heckled whilst giving statement in Parliament

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The former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has congratulated the Prime Minister following his statement on social care and called for the sector to be integrated with health “properly”. Mr Hancock was heckled in the Commons as he said: “The reform of social care has been ducked for decades because successive governments have put it in the ‘too difficult’ box. So, can I congratulate the Prime Minister for delivering on our commitments and his commitment.

“Can I ask him to ensure that as well as the money, we integrate properly the NHS with social care so that people can get the dignity that they deserve?”

The Prime Minister thanked Mr Hancock for playing “a major part in the gestation of these policies”.

Mr Johnson said: “What we will be doing is bringing forward a White Paper on the integration.

“Of course, this is going to be difficult but it has got to be done, and we must have a system whereby people can work across both the health sector and the care sector in an integrated way.

“We have got to have single budget holders and we have got to make sure that, for instance, you have single electronic records in both health and social care.”

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