Kushner Tells Two Sides of One Story in Less Than One Minute

The president and his minions are so determined to lie about mail-in voter fraud, they are losing track of the false assertions they’ve made only moments ago.

While senior advisor to President Trump, Jared Kushner, tried to push his father in-law’s voter suppression lie on Sunday, he lost his way when CNN host Fareed Zakaria’s called him out for using anecdotal evidence instead of actual data. Kushner’s fumble was first caught by Acyn Torabi on Twitter.

Apparently Kushner’s mind became jumbled when he first touted the “many friends” he has in New Jersey who are allegedly telling him about problematic incidents involving mail-in voting in the state. But one minute later, Kushner appeared to want it both ways, by saying that with the limited amount of friends he has in New Jersey it’s rather astounding the number of issues they’ve run into.

Kushner: I’m in New Jersey. I have a lot of friends in New Jersey. I grew up there. One of my friends just got married. His wife got two ballots, one that was in her old name, one that’s in her new name.

Zakaria: But, Jared, that’s an anecdote, that’s not data. That — you know, one example… Your one friend in New Jersey is not reflective of aggregate data.

Kushner: My point is I don’t have that many friends in New Jersey…

Kushner smirked when the host made it clear that he was talking nonsense.

“The only way you can tell what the reality is, is to do aggregate data studies. And you know that. You’re smart enough to know that,” Zakaria said.

Of course, he knows. But it’s all a grift, and the smirk gives it away.

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