Keir Starmer’s ‘metropolitan obsession’ threatens Labour with further election woes

Richard Holden outlines 'real opportunities' for the Conservatives

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The Conservative MP for North West Durham insisted the Labour Party under Keir Starmer lacked a proper plan to deliver for former “Red Wall” constituencies likes his own. Mr Holden blasted the Opposition leader’s “obsession” with a “London metropolitan outlook,” and predicted the party would suffer more electoral setbacks in former heartland seats across the UK. “There are real opportunities for the conservative party,” he told

The Tory backbencher predicted that Labour’s historic collapse in Scotland could be repeated again across the North-East, the Midlands, the North and Wales.

He told “It was quite clear for a very long time the Labour Party took particularly the central belt in Scotland for granted.

“And it did exactly the same thing and has done exactly the same in a lot of those seats in the North-East like the one I now represent.

“Across the Midlands, the North and North Wales as well.

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“I think is quite clear that without proper policies and actually a proper plan to really deliver for communities which have felt left behind.

“A lot of that is by Labour’s obsession with a sort of London metropolitan outlook,” he added.

Mr Holden insisted that unless Labour addressed their image problem they ran the risk of the Conservatives making further electoral gains.

He said: “The point I was really making was it will go further, it will go further than it has at the last General election.”

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The Tory backbencher also called on Boris Johnson to help shore up support in the country by “delivering on the levelling up agenda.”

“Now I think there are real opportunities for the Conservative Party,” he told

“As long as we deliver on that levelling up agenda to go further in constituencies across the North of England, the Midlands and Wales as well.”

It comes after a leaked political strategy urged the Labour party to prioritise ‘patriotism’ in order to win back its red wall seats.


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The strategy document recommends that the party should deploy patriotic themes to give voters a “sense of authentic values alignment”.

Comments gathered from focus groups which were included in the presentation pointed to Sir Keir’s indecisiveness on key issues.

Labour’s head of research claimed voters were confused about “what we stand for, and what our purpose is, but also who we represent”.

The leaked strategy has been criticised by a number of MPs, including former shadow cabinet ministers Clive Lewis, who said it risked alienating young and BAME voters.


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