Keir Starmer shamed by Ann Widdecombe over state of Labour Party ‘remarkably ineffective’

Keir Starmer is 'remarkably ineffective' says Ann Widdecombe

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Sir Keir Starmer has been branded “remarkably ineffective,” by former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe. The Brexiteer has criticised the Labour Party leader for failing to land a blow on Boris Johnson amid the ongoing row over tax hikes to fund social care. It comes amid reports that Mr Johnson harbours ambitions to beat former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s record for time in power.

Ms Widdecombe was asked whether Boris Johnson was well placed to remain in office as long as former Conservative Prime Minister.

“At the moment I would say the only reason he has any chance at all is because the opposition is so thoroughly weak,” replied the former Brexit Party MEP.

“I think Keir Starmer is remarkably ineffective quite honestly.

“If there were a general election tomorrow I suspect that people would vote for Boris because there is no real alternative.”

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“But if he is going to stay there as long as Thatcher or longer.

“Then he needs to do what Thatcher did,” she added.

“Which is to actually implement conservatism.

“Reduce the size of the state sector.”

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“I don’t think the ex-miners at the miners’ welfare club in my area are going to be reading 14,000 words,” said the close Jeremy Corbyn ally.

“And I don’t think many people in the country are, to be honest.”

Mr Trickett added: “The former Labour voters who went to the Tories or to Brexit won’t be studying a 14,000-word article.

“They are looking for concrete, punchy opposition to the Government, and they’re looking for a clear policy.”

Meanwhile, backbench Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle added: “If he is going to lay out his ideological vision and where we’re going and what will underpin that, then I would say: ‘Hallelujah!’

“We have seen none of that whatsoever so far.”

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