‘Keeping our country together!’ Boris ridicules SNP’s Ian Blackford as attack backfires

PMQs: Boris mocks Ian Blackford over Scottish independence

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Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson was responding to jibes made by Ian Blackford concerning the no-confidence vote on Monday in which 41 percent of Tory MPs voted against the PM. Mr Blackford said that 97 percent of Scottish MPs were against Mr Johnson as well, but the PM countered that the SNP Commons leader is the glue “keeping our country together”, commenting on the failed referendum result in Scotland that kept the two nations united. 

“I want to thank the right honourable gentleman for his characteristically warm words. 

“And actually Mr Speaker, I would like to say that the biggest, most powerful and effective advocate of the United Kingdom in the time that I’ve been here has been that man there. 

“I don’t know how long he’s going to last as leader of the Scottish National Party but long may he rest in place. 

“He is the araldite that is keeping our country together and for that, I thank him for what he’s doing.”

Earlier, Mr Blackford had asked the PM how he expected to remain leader of the country when “even Unionist leaders in Scotland won’t back him”. 

He said: “Mr Speaker, week after week, I’ve called on this Prime Minister to resign and I’ve been met by a wall of noise from the Tory backbenchers. 

“I thought they were trying to shout me down but all this time it turns out that 41 percent of them have been cheering me on. 

“Let’s be clear, at least the numbers don’t lie. 41 percent of his own MPs have no confidence in him.

“66 MPs across the house don’t support him and 97 percent of Scottish MPs want the minister for the Union shown the door. 

“We now have a lame duck Prime Minister presiding over a divided party and a disunited kingdom. 

“So, how does the Prime Minister expect to continue when even Unionist leaders in Scotland won’t back them?” 

Mr Blackford then sat down to muffled cheers of “Hear, hear”, though the Tory backbenchers were largely silent. 

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The comments come as the Scottish National Party has been criticised for “keeping in the dark” the public over the legality of calling a second referendum. 

The SNP published a two-page legal document detailing how Scottish ministers could work on policies in preparation for a second independence vote. 

However, they did not divulge the legal ramifications if Holyrood legislate to hold a referendum without the necessary transfer of powers from Westminster. 

Scottish Labour’s constitution spokesperson, Sarah Boyack said of the document: “Another referendum is the SNP’s answer to every question under the sun, so the public shouldn’t be kept in the dark on the legality of it. The SNP have dragged this circus out for long enough – they need to come clean once and for all.”

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