John Redwood savages ‘bad losers’ France and EU for stirring up post-Brexit fishing row

Sir John Redwood says French are 'stirring things up'

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Tory MP John Redwood reflected on frustrations from the EU and France over access to the UK’s waters. This comes after complaints to the UK Government over only approving 12 licences out of 47 for French boats. While speaking on TalkRadio, Mr Redwood argued the EU and France were deliberately causing issues for post-Brexit Britain.

He added control over its waters was one of the key issues regarding the decision to leave the European Union.

Mr Redwood said: “I think the EU and France are deliberately stirring these things up.

“It is very unpleasant to see and they look like bad losers.

“These are our waters, they are our fish and taking back control of them was an important part of our vote for Brexit.

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“I am sure that the UK Government has been very thorough and very legalistic in awarding the licences it has to award under the transition agreement that we are living under.”

Mr Redwood highlighted what he wanted from the UK Government on the issue of fishing.

He said: “I want the UK Government to go further.

“I want them to ban all vessels of over 100m, these big industrial trawlers, I think they are still doing a lot of damage and plundering our fishing grounds unnecessarily.

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“I want us to restore our fishing grounds and build a bigger UK industry because that was one of the wins from Brexit.

GB News host Patrick Christys also took aim over France’s frustrations with the UK on fishing.

Mr Christys said: “‘We will lead this battle against the UK’, which is obviously a completely normal response.

“We’re being told that the fishing issue poses a massive risk to diplomatic relations with the French.

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“I would argue what diplomatic relations?

“This issue reared its head a few months ago, and the very first response from the friend was to threaten to cut the power off to Jersey, and then blockade the poor.

“That’s not very diplomatic is it?”

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