John Bercow wife: Ex-speaker’s humiliation over wife’s ‘anti-Brexit’ sticker

Kate Garraway quizzes John Bercow on Boris Johnson

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John Bercow held the role of Speaker of the House of Commons for more than 10 years. The former MP has worked in politics for the majority of his career and indeed his wife, Sally Bercow, also works within the same industry. In fact, she is highly politically active – something which put Mr Bercow on the spot during one debate after Tory member Adam Holloway questioned his impartiality due to an anti-Brexit sticker supposedly hanging in his car.

The Speaker attempted to justify himself over the sticker, which said b**s to Brexit.

He claimed it belonged to his wife who he said is “entitled to her views” on Brexit, despite his role in the House of Commons.

Mr Bercow said: “I think the record will show – and I have the highest regard for the Honourable gentleman – that I’ve listened to all the points of order.

“The only reason why I interrupt him at this point and I hope he’ll forgive me doing so is that there was a factual error in his opening remarks.

Who is Sally Bercow?

Sally Bercow, 51, is a British public personality and political activist, who was born in Sutton on November 22, 1969, as Sally Kate Illman.

Ms Bercow attended the independent co-educational King Edward’s School in Surrey, for her early schooling.

She then went on to attend Marlborough College to study for her A-Level exams. The institution is an independent boarding school, whose alumni include Kate the Duchess of Cambridge.

Ms Bercow briefly attended Keble College at the University of Oxford but dropped out before completing her studies.

While she campaigned for New Labour and their candidate Tony Blair in 1997, helping him get his seat, her husband became a Conservative Party MP for Buckingham.

During the 2010 UK General Election Ms Bercow campaigned for Labour again. This time, though, it was for Ed Balls to become the leader of the party.

Shortly afterwards she tried to stand as a Labour candidate for the St James’s Ward of Westminster City Council.

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In 2011, Ms Bercow became more well known to the UK public when she entered the reality TV show, Big Brother.

Ms Bercow would go on to make several other TV appearances, including on the celebrity version of ITV’s The Chase.

She married her husband in 2002 and together the couple have three children; one daughter and two sons.

After it was revealed their eldest son had autism, Ms Bercow became a parent patron of the charity Ambitious about Autism.

Who is John Bercow?

John Bercow was born in Middlesex, in 1963, to a Jewish family.

His paternal grandparents emigrated to the UK in the early 20th century and shortly after their arrival decided to anglicise their family surname from Berkowitz to Bercow

He graduated from the University of Essex in 1985, with a First Class Honours degree in Government.

Early into his political career he failed on two occasions to stand as a Conservative MP before eventually winning his Buckingham seat in the 1997 General Election.

During the aftermath of the MP’s expenses scandal, in June 2009, Mr Bercow was elected as the 157th speaker, following the resignation of his predecessor Michael Martin.

He held the role for more than 10 years before stepping down in November 2019.

Mr Bercow was the first Jewish Speaker, and the only one who chose not to wear traditional court robes while presiding over the House.

Moreover, he also ditched clerks’ wigs and said MP’s do not need to wear a tie – a move which upset many traditionalists.

During his tenure as the Speaker he was accused of being biased by a number of Tory MP’s. Indeed, Mr Bercow regularly clashed with the former Conservative prime minister David Cameron.

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