Jeremy Kyle erupts on air after he accuses Butterworth of peddling vaccine ‘propaganda’

Jeremy Kyle says vaccine policy for kids will create 'secrets and lies'

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Jeremy Kyle raged on TalkRADIO after the UK Government announced it would push ahead with coronavirus vaccines for 12-15-year-olds despite advisors questioning whether a universal programme would be effective. A CMO model predicts 30,000 infections could be prevented in England between October and March if the programme was fully implemented and could potentially save 110,000 days of missed face-to-face schooling. But Mr Kyle was still perplexed at the decision and wanted journalist Benjamin Butterworth to defend the Government’s decision and to put aside their “propaganda”.

Speaking on TalkRADIO, Mr Kyle and Mr Butterworth bumped heads after the radio host wanted more evidence to back vaccinating children.

The JCVI noted there would be “potential harms” in vaccinating the young as they question whether the programme would have more benefits than risks.

They fear the vaccine could disrupt education or other vaccine programmes and state while a universal programme could be beneficial, they are not convinced it would be enough to warrant approval.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said children should be offered one jab to minimise disruption to education as the UK debates whether to approve the jab.

In England, people aged 12-15 in England will be offered one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Discussing the story on his radio show, Mr Kyle told Mr Butterworth: “Give me some facts instead of government propaganda, give me some facts.

“Am I gonna get my 12-year-old to have a jab because it’s safer, am I doing it to protect myself?

“Are the government telling me the truth and could he then go and do it without my permission?

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“We talk about Covid and the impact of mental health… what about families that will divide and the secrecy and the lies that will come from this for what?

“Because they’ve read something heard something at 12, their friends are doing it.

“Where’s the facts it’s too wishy-washy.”

Mr Butterworth replied: “First of all, one of the facts about the effect this has is between 12 and 15, they say that about the death rate is about two in a million for people that get Covid.

“So that’s obviously extremely small and we know that, but at the same time if you were the parents of the very small number of people in that age group who have died from Covid in the last year and a half.

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“I bet you’d have done anything to stop that and I think that’s something a lot of parents will factor in.

“You raise the point of mental health, well, I think, to be able to get the vaccine and be able to have a sense that you’re protecting each other and protecting yourselves and doing your bit in what has been a nightmarish 18 months.

“I think that would be good for the mental health of many young people because they feel like they could do something actionable.

“When actually they felt so powerless in the past year and a half.

“But there’s another question here which is the idea that a kid would be able to decide that they get the vaccine without the permission of the parent.

“But I can’t help but be uncomfortable about that because it seems to go against sort of all norms and reasonable judgments and sort of legal precedent.

“However, I think that will be an extremely rare instance in reality because as polling consistently shows us the overwhelming majority of adults who want and have already had the vaccine.

“And I dare say for those kids who’ve had their school shut and their exams and social lives messed up they will also want to get it.”

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