Jake Sullivan: Biden 'will stop at nothing' to get justice for fallen service members after ISIS-K attack

Biden will ‘stop at nothing’ to get justice for service members killed in Kabul attack

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on President Biden’s response to the fallout in Afghanistan

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that President Biden will ensure that the U.S. exacts retribution against the terror group known as ISIS-K following a deadly suicide bombing at Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, while noting that there remains a risk of more attacks.

The bombing on Thursday claimed the lives of 13 American service members. The president traveled to Dover Air Force Base Sunday morning to receive their bodies.

“The president will stop at nothing to make ISIS-K pay for the deaths of those American service members at the Kabul airport,” Sullivan told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “He will ensure that we get the people responsible for this, that we continue to put pressure on the group responsible for this, and that we continue to take targets off the battlefield.”

The U.S. has already taken out individuals connected to ISIS-K in response to the attack. Sullivan said these people were “facilitators and planners who were involved in the movement and production of explosive devices.”

Sullivan stressed the danger involved in the current evacuation operation and noted that it “continues … to be very dangerous,” pointing to the president’s warning of another possible terror attack.

“Our commanders informed me that an attack is highly likely in the next 24-36 hours,” Biden said in a statement Saturday.

When asked about the ability to complete the evacuation process as the military withdrawal draws near its conclusion, Sullivan said the administration is confident that they will be able to continue to get people out – not because they trust the Taliban to let them, but because of the “leverage” they believe they have.

“The answer is emphatically yes, we do believe that the United States of American possesses substantial leverage to ensure that American citizens and others get safe passage out of that country, and that if they do not, that we can bring to bear enormous pressure on the Taliban with a swift and forceful response to their blocking any American citizen whether before August 31 or after August 31,” Sullivan said. “That’s not about trust, that’s about the capabilities we have to hold the Taliban to the commitments that they have voiced directly and the commitments that they have made publicly.”

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