‘Idiot’ Boris risks starting WW3 with Russia as a distraction, warns Cummings

In a scathing online “Ask me Anything” session, Boris Johnson’s former advisor Dominic Cummings described the PM as a “shambles,” blaming the Conservative reader’s “wrong’un” wife Carrie for most of his current woes.

And with Russian president Putin’s aggression continuing against Ukraine, Cummings said he worried about Johnson “being an idiot” and starting a conflict against Russia in a bid to save himself politically.

In answer to a question about the PM involving the UK in military action against Iran or another opponent to save himself politically, Cummings predicted "Not Iran but I worry [about] him being an idiot on Russia."

Predicting that the Prime Minister he mockingly calls “The Trolley” will be out of office within the year, he claimed that Johnson knew all about the controversial Number 10 party and “tried to lie his way out” of the crisis.

Unfortunately, says Cummings, Johnson was “f****d” by the emergence of videos of Allegra Stratton and Jacob Rees-Mogg talking about it.

He claimed there were “multiple” people leaking videos to discredit Johnson, and said that the clip of Matt Hancock kissing his girlfriend in a Westminster office was “not security footage”.

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It was “obvious” Johnson had been lying about the party, he said: “There were invites sent across Whitehall, it was an organised party.”

He knew about the party, even if he didn’t actually attend it in person, Cummings claimed, “to get upstairs he has to walk past that area where he could see it”.

But even though he described Boris Johnson as “a shambles,” he’s equally dismissive of the contenders being lined up to replace him.

“The stupid party is not called that for nothing,” he said saying that current front-runner Liz Truss would probably “blow up,” joking: “her nickname is the human hand grenade”.

He was equally scathing about contenders such as Michael Gove and Sajid Javid.

In response to a question from The Star about who he thought should be leading the country he said that while he did have some ideas on who should be running the country, he preferred to keep them to himself.

But, he said, many of the current intake of Tory MPs were “toast” unless they find the courage to “ditch the Trolley”.

Johnson, he says, is loyal to no-one but himself.

Answering a question about the Barnard Castle scandal, when Cummings came under fire for breaking lockdown rules, he said that Johnson hadn’t sacked him because he wasn’t able to, saying: “he throws everybody under the bus when he feels he has to for himself. He couldn't with me because of self-preservation”.

But Johnson will be gone soon, Cummings insisted: “He's a shambles but the shambles has been made worse by hooking up with a wrong ‘un who wants to control the country via him …inevitable disaster,” he said.

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